Unlimited Plus

Unlimited show you WHAT to be trained & HOW
How to train muscles?
Muscles are 3 functions : Power,Strength, Muscular Endurance.
These 3 functions are related with the way muscles grow, and they are indispensable. Users could train these three important functions with just one equipment – Unlimited
Unlimited Plus -8/10 LBS 
■ Biceps + triceps + pectoralis major+ deltoid
■ UFC Contestants Warm-Up Equipment
■ Training Classes for a whole week schedule with detail instructions with product.
■ The most powerful training tool for upper body
■ Increase Weight Bar , users could add plates
Stimulate Muscle grow  X  Promote Muscular Endurance
Unlimited is offering strength to facilitate all muscles parts in your body. Tracks are all controlled by user and users could train muscles with different  facilitates / directions.
Weight training is not only from product weight itself, but strength knob also.Unlimited increases dynamical friction when rotating. Unlimited upgrades the difficulties strongly to force your arm/ chest/ back/ belly, legs to support your body with more power.