The difference between Burn Machine & Unlimited is strength knob. When the Unlimited strength knob is turned to the highest resistance, your muscles will need to exert greater force to rotate Unlimited.
Take extra care with your wrist joints at certain angles when the Unlimited strength knob is turned to the
highest resistance.
Unlimited offers weight / twister methods with unique 360o handle design, and users could feel weight changing
when you are working-out and it’s balance /symmetric/ comprehensive.
■ Biceps + triceps + pectoralis major + deltoid
■ UFC Contestants Warm-Up Equipment
■ Training Classes for a whole week schedule with detail instructions with product.
■ The most powerful training tool for upper body
■ More Power / Strength / Muscular Endurance exceed The Burn Machine
Unlimited show you WHAT to be trained & HOW
How to train muscles?
Muscles are 3 functions : Power,Strength, Muscular Endurance. These 3 functions are related with the way muscles grow, and they are indispensable.
Users could train these three important functions with just one equipment – Unlimited
Stimulate Muscle grow  X  Promote Muscular Endurance
Unlimited is offering strength to facilitate all muscles parts in your body. Tracks are all controlled by user and users could train muscles with different  facilitates / directions.
Weight training is not only from product weight itself, but strength knob also.Unlimited increases dynamical friction when rotating. Unlimited upgrades the difficulties strongly to force your arm/ chest/ back/ belly, legs to support your body with more power.